Monthly Archives: February 2014

Just Start

Yeap! My first one.Hello, thank you for reading this, my first post. I wanted to call it “Just Start” because  the strong resistance one encounters when beginning a project or anything in life that is “out of our comfort zone.” In my case, I have been regularly involved with art but with no clear direction. When I found mixed media, and fell in love with it, I also realized that it would be challenging to start.

One of my biggest stumbling blocks was my lack of confidence. In the beginning I was terrified, but I also knew I had the innermost desire to do it. So I tackled my insecurities and opened my wings.

My first try (picture of red hair girl) was nothing but chaos. At this point I was clueless and I just wanted to experiment. I made 3 other projects after that, and even though I wasn’t pleased, I felt connected and eager to learn more. Above all, I knew this was something I wanted to take seriously and be committed to.  I delved into all I could find about mixed media on the internet, books, and magazines but I didn’t feel a significant growth and direction until I signed up for a class with one of the leading artists in the industry: Suzi Blu, and it was amazing how much and how fast I improved and learned my firsts techniques.

brave3I can honestly say the catalyst of my improvement was my desire to “make it work.” I have learned that patient and perseverance pay off. I will continue to hone my techniques and keep learning, but I feel I have come a long way since my first try.

“Girl in Blue,” is one of my works I did about a year after my first try. I practiced almost every day and little by little I got better with the techniques I was learning. I wanted to quit many times but I also knew how much this meant to me and I focused on that.

So wherever you are or whatever you want to do, START. It doesn’t matter how bad it looks, how stiff you are, how inadequate you feel or what people tell you. When you start you have taken the most significant step.