Monthly Archives: May 2014

Mother’s Day. Fourth time around.

momcarlitosThis is the 4th year without my beloved brother in Mother’s Day. Bitter sweet day. I feel grateful to have my mami around and in good health, but I can’t stop thinking about my brother in this special day.

The painting represents my mom and brother, holding hands as they always did. Connected forever. My mom was an excellent mom to my brother. There is a heart with a little hand above my brother’s head, this is the symbol of my love for him. A rough sketch of a rose by my mom’s shoulder is a symbol of love and purity. The little deer represents a messenger. The day my brother passed away I saw a deer in an unusual place and I thought of my brother. It also happened around the time when he passed away. Coincidence? I don’t want to think so.

Below, “I go to Sleep” by Sia. I don’t listen too much to this song b/c it makes me cry like a baby, but it says so much and I think about my mom… I see my brother in his bed and my mom in hers telling each other goodnight. I’m not planning to share this with her because I know she would cry and I don’t want her to do so. I hope you can listen to it and appreciate the people you love and those who are present in your life.