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“Seek and you shall find.” This Bible verse (Mathew 7:7) has been showing up in unexpected ways. In the interim I also heard references of the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. So I decided to “seek” and I found  a pdf of the Introduction. I have never read such a powerful introduction. I felt like it was talking to me. I bought the book and I bought it brand new which I usually don’t do. But I felt a pull to do it and treated myself for following up my hunch, as I haven’t in the past.

The Artist’s Way is a 3 month course  that allows you to find the reasons we feel blocked. It help us find clues and analyze many things in our lives. I have been faithfully reading the first chapter. The two main takes from it are to start writing every morning when we get up. Whatever comes to mind, whatever is bothering us without worrying about spelling, grammar, or style. Just write. The second thing is to take our muse on a date weekly. The “muse” is our inner child. Yes! the one we’ve been neglecting for so long. I am going on my date tomorrow and will tell you about it in another post. Until then….cheers!



“Seek and You Shall Find” Mathew 7:7


I wrote this poem for my brother’s third anniversary. Is not great poetry but I wrote it with my heart. Today marks 3.6 years since he passed away. Six more months for another sorrowful anniversary. I miss my precious brother every moment.

bloody tear

A Stolen Season

By Maribell Ramirez 

Dead twinkling lights,

presents unwrapped in the trunk of a car.

Hollowed tympana blocking holiday tunes

December brings December grief.

Bloody tears bursting out

drowning a white rose

drowning a pure life.

Damp and cold the frozen soul

must float in abyss dark.

Snatched at once without consent,

without a chance for farewell!

Copyrighted 2014 maribell Ramirez.


Summertime Sadness

“Think I’ll miss you forever
Like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky”  -Summertime Sadness-Lana Del Rey.

starsLife changes. Meaningful things end. Beautiful people leave. It is a factual and predominant proof of life’s infallible evolution. Loss is part of that process. We lose extremely significant loved ones or people who were briefly in our lives but that always be remembered. Sometimes we must make choices and we have to live with the consequences of those choices because they are the yarn that knits our days, and those days become our lives. Not everything nice and sweet is good for us. It might be terribly untimely and wrong even if the essence is pure and honest. But it probably happens for the purpose to bring a gleam of light to an otherwise downcast life and, in return, that light might inspire us to bring change or deep appreciation for the time that we had it, for the time that was part of our lives. As simple as that… even if it only lasted for a while.