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Some time ago I saw an interesting video from Marie Forleo TV, about how to brainstorm for ideas by asking “Wouldn’t it be great if….?” and it really works. My personal picks are What if ….?  or Why not…?  and they immediately open my eyes to possibilities. With this in mind, and thanks to technology and search engines such as YouTube, I have taken Hebrew classes, Photoshop and, now I’m learning belly dancing  in the comfort of my home. When I ask the what if..? or why not..? questions and fill out the blank, my visualization plane expands.  It can also help pinpoint situations, people, or things I need to stay away from, even though it might not feel good. These strategic questions are just great tools with great potential that can assist us in discovering possible course of actions that can lead to enhance areas of our lives.




Since I began to read The Artist’s Way, I realize how much I have to do, including tasks that are not directly related to my artistic pursuits, such as the technical part of the online world.  I have also experienced bursts of creativity and mood changes. In week 1 I was depressed because, for the first time, my life frustration was described in the pages of a book. The feeling subsided as I progressed in my weeks but now in week 4, I am feeling overwhelmed considering the long road ahead and I don’t know how time will play in all this. How long will it take me to be settled?

This gives me an uncomfortable degree of uncertainty, and doubt creeps in my mind. Yes, it is a block! One that I have to fight many times throughout the day. I want to give up at times because I think it’s too late for me to embark in this journey. But then I remember this is my negative censor trying to sabotage my momentum and much more!

Bottom line is that I want this and will not refuse the opportunity life is giving me. When I catch myself in this negative mode, I learned from The Artist’s Way that an affirmation is the best antidote. I say something like… “It seems a little challenging but I am capable to adapt and learn all I need to enrich my life and it’s definitely not too late.” People start chasing their dreams at any age. I have plenty of years ahead of me and if I die before my time I’ll be happy that I left trying.

One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

I hear people say, “I have a keen interest towards art (or anything else,) but I don’t know how to start.”  From my point of view I say, start where you are. Remember when you were a  child and you didn’t over analyze anything you wanted to do. You just did it. Period. Many of us have a nagging feeling to do something that would make a difference in our lives or the lives of others. If you feel your life is too ordinary, dull, and purposeless remember that in the ordinary there is also value and beauty.

Why not start with yourself? If you have a desire to start something, do it! Let us  press on and rescue the young soul that lies dormant in many of us. Why? because we are alive and we need to connect with life, even if we’re not making mega changes in the world!  The way I am finding mine is by doing what I enjoy and learning from my many setbacks (better late than never,) because when I am happy my world is happy and most likely I’ll be able to contribute more to myself, society, and the  world.  But we need to be aware of what needs to change, probably our attitude, commitment, and decision to be bold.

We already have the tools we need to bring that change, it is “our will to start.” Once we make that definite decision things will start to happen. I found The Artist’s Way and I know it wasn’t a coincidence. Listen to the little signs and follow them. Do not despair if the clues are not clear, don’t give up and pray for guidance. That’s where I am.  I leave you with these two quotes and awesome song “Never Surrender” by Corey Hart, uploaded from YouTube, for inspiration.

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit” Rumi

“It is never too late to be what you might have been” George Eliot



“Each morning as a new day dawned, the pink and blue hummingbirds would fly into her chamber and sing her a happy song. For that one brief moment, she’d catch her breath and hold on to a piece of paradise. The rest of the time, she knew she shouldn’t wish for something that wasn’t hers. So she made an extra effort to be merry and sweet.” -Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty.-


Inspiration is unpredictable. I have the habit to carry a tiny notebook and pen with me all the time and when these precious moments show up, I just jot them down. Anything that gives me inspiration I write or sketch down because I have forgotten so many times in the past: things I read, dreams, situations that spring during my waking hours, etc. My little notebook solves this problem. This painting  is the response to the passage I quoted above. I wasn’t looking for inspiration but it showed up because I could relate the passage to special moments in my life. The rest came with ease.

Last week I visited The Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, FL. I photographed some of the countless sculptures and décor. I hope you like them as much as I do.


angelspiderweb1CW This is one of many angels along the road that takes you to the Ringlin’s Mansion. This one in particular is holding a bundle of grapes.


deer This deer is part of a collection of sculptures inside the museum’s court. I photographed this deer because they are very symbolic to me. I didn’t see any inscription, so I really don’t know the artist.


RinglingHomeWC This is a section of the Ringling’s home in Sarasota, FL. The construction is inspired in the Venetian Gothic style of the palazzos.  New York architect Dwight James Baum designed it and Owen Burns built it between 1924 and 1926.



Outside the museum this gorgeous sculpture. Again, I did not see any inscription.


DSCN2065 Detailed for the living room looking up. This pic does not capture the splendor, there was too much light. I tried to balance the colors a little to overcompensate for the influx of light.