Monthly Archives: September 2014

This pastel portrait I did almost 4 years ago. It is a friend of mine that posed just for me. This is the last painting I did in pastel before my beloved brother passed away. I erased the date in the painting because it was less than a month before I lost my sweet brother and I don’t like to see it.  I miss my pastel portraits and I’m glad I am now strong enough to take some of those out.


I am in love with what I do. I believe God gave me a second chance to find purpose in my life. I want to grow in my art endeavors and make it more meaningful. In the future I want to be an active member of a humanitarian organization, hopefully to help people with mental retardation, but that is in the future. Right now I am still learning, and this is something that will last a lifetime. But I want to be in a place where I am confident of who I am as an artist and of my work. I don’t mind spending most of my spare time pursuing those dreams, but I feel so isolated from the world (like a pelican on a single pole.) That brings me down and I don’t know how to change it. I socialize very little in comparison to the time I take doing my work. Besides my day job, I dedicate most of my time to art. I break my routine with dancing, especially belly dance which I’m totally “for” these days; but on many occasions the night comes and the only person I have barely talked to is my husband Jeff. That’s when it hits me! It is hard sometimes to realize that so much sacrifice goes into this without seeing any fruits. It is not just the monetary side but the fulfilling part. I hope one day someone really likes and identifies with my art. It would mean the world to me.


I don’t want to be frivolous but this post is about found objects that I cherish. This vintage side table for example, I found in a Goodwill Store in West Tampa and I really liked it. I paid $25. It is my favorite piece. All I did was change the drawer’s knob because the original was broken in the middle. Color wise, I did not change a thing. I think the soft green is a great accent to all the detail on the wood. I will post a found object once in a while with a representation in mixed media.


Below, my representation. The message is about finding our call, our passions or the things that make us happy because we should do things that bring sunshine to our lives.


Few weeks ago (Aug 6,) I showed you a fashion sketch with a new technique. Well, here I am going to show you how I did it.
Since I am learning also, the sketch I’m showing here did not work as good as the first, and I think is because of my color choice and the design. My previous sketch had more defined edges. This one doesn’t. But here it is.


I started with the sketch in pencil and started to add color. In this case I used Golden Fluid Acrylics.


Here I started to add more layers, I chose my colors, and I use markers to enhance the skirt.



Here is the finish sketch. Now I take picture, upload to computer and open in Photoshop.


Once uploaded, I chose from the Menu: Window, Adjustments. From the box of Adjustments I clicked the downface little arrow in the right corner and chose Posterize and chose values.



I selected the skirt with the Wand Tool (from the tool box) and changed the hue and saturation (from menu: Image, Adjustments, Hue/Sat.) I did the same (in a different layer) for the chair and sash on her head. I then applied another level of posterize effect.

As I said, my end result is not as nice as my first sketch from August 6 post, but I like this version too. Remember it is a matter of trial and error, so just play with different sketches and options. Make sure you write down all your steps and values, I know there is a history option in Photoshop to see all your moves but I still like to write it down or name the layers after what I’ve done to remember.