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Yes…it’s better to let go…in some situations, even if the doing breaks us down!

It’s not easy to break away from something that is dear so dear to us but that can also be damaging for many reasons. A lot of times we have the power to take this resolutions but we seem too weak to do it and we go for just another day. How long until we realize that letting go of what is so close to our heart is the best option? We can’t control other’s decisions and actions but we can control ours. By waiting we are not accomplishing anything. If we don’t take action others will.


The Five by Five event. This is the first time that I have something on display. The event was held at the Tampa Museum of Art in vibrant downtown this past Friday, October 17. The event’s goal was to raise funds for the arts. The works submitted measured 5×5 and the cost of each painting was $25.

The night was splendid and there were many activities in the museum and in the Curtis Hixon Park (just outside the museum).  It was a night for the performing and visual arts; I am so glad I went and took part of this community event.


This is the little painting I submitted for the event. It is a fashion sketch and I decided to pick this one b/c of the easiness that evokes and the simple lines; the message fits right in.


20141017_213902 This was around mid way in the event. The artworks were displayed in white shelves. You can still see some for sale. This is inside the museum.


20141017_213935 Detail of the staircase. The gentleman with a kind of a basket on his head was playing a wind instrument. I’m not sure what it was and why the outfit. I didn’t have a chance to grab a program.


20141017_202441Detail of downtown Tampa. It is really beautiful here. Downtown Tampa is becoming a hot spot for community events and the arts. The atmosphere is great!


The Tampa Museum of Art is located on the banks of Hillsborough River and across from iconic University of Tampa.



There is always an enchanting feeling when I get involved in portraits. I feel very relaxed, and it is almost meditation. This one in particular was a rather fast sketch of my dear niece a few years back. I asked her to stay still long enough to allow me to draw her outline and put some detail in her face before working from her photo. She doesn’t look exactly like her but I was pleased with the results. This is in pastel which is a very difficult medium to work with and it might not be gallery material but I really wanted to focus in shading because I have some problem rendering shadows and fade them in a natural way. I would love to make my own portrait in pastel some day soon.

The holidays are fast approaching. It is a very painful time for me. Yes, for some people this might seem like I am not trying enough, but I am.  However, I don’t push myself and if I feel something is going to put me in a negative mood I avoid it! Even if it means to shun from family time, music, people, and places. It is definitely still a problem.  I try to believe it’s just another month, another day, another year without any significance. That’s how I deal with it. The holidays, “December” was my brother’s favorite season. It was also the month in which he passed away. Ugghh!!!! I don’t want to overanalyze this because I get upset. So, I hibernate from the fuzz and happiness of the outside world. I stay very busy in my home, in my little crazy studio. I engage in something new so I have my mind plugged and alert and I just dive into it. So, this season I think I will be sewing something. It is a challenge b/c I don’t sew very good but I will try. I am also going to make my second doll. The first one (below) is not very promising. She looks like she needs some urgent help, but it was my first doll and that makes her “special”.