Monthly Archives: November 2014

Some of the techniques here I learned with Suzi Blu; but the creation and other details are authentic to my inspiration. The finish is with beeswax which unifies all the elements without losing any of the layers I created. It is one of my favorite techniques.
This is the final work.


Step one: lay all the collage elements you plan to use on your substrate (your surface.) Glue them into the surface (in my case I chose canvas as my substrate.)


Step two: after it’s dry  apply regular gel and make design with a pointed object (I used a pen with no ink.) Allow to dry completely. I waited until the next day.


Step 3: apply Golden acrylic in 2 different colors. Choose the ones you like.


Step 4: mix them with a palette knife and cover part of the canvas making sure collage papers are still visible. My mix became green because of the combination of yellow and blue colors.


Step 5: as you paint the surface take away parts of the paint with paper towel; this allows the paper collage to show through. Do this as you like. You can also use a little bit of water on the paper towel, but make sure you work steadily because acrylic dries very fast.


Step 6: once all is dry paint face on paper and glue it onto the surface. Since I had previously applied gel, I have a bit of bumps, but I want my face in that side and with the wax finish that I’m planning to apply, it won’t show up.


Step 7: work more on face and start to make the silhouette of the hair and body blending both onto the background. I achieve this look by using the tissue and taking off and putting on paint.


Step 8: finish the face and body. Apply extra embellishments. Glue all these elements in place.


Finally, add message on tissue paper and apply bees wax. I don’t have a picture of the wax application. My apologies. I totally forgot to take the pic, but I will have more in the future to show. Just remember the bees wax is melted with heat and you can apply it with a soft brush or a little iron (the ones used for quilting.) Let it cool. When the wax has settled down, you can buff it up with a soft cloth to make it shine. Here it is once again. All finished.


“Rejection hurts… Be that as it may, I must carry on, without a waste of day, without a slight dismay.” I wrote this caption after realizing that many times we are disappointed or we have setbacks that fall right in front of us but we need to carry on and waste no time or energy over things we can’t control or change. Refocus without allowing your disappointments hinder your work or goals.