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I’ve been enticed for sometime to try abstract painting and enhance it in Photoshop. Here is my first try. I used  posterize, hue/sat, bright/contr, posterize again. I have used a similar technique in 2 of my paintings (Sept 3 and Aug 6.) The difference is that in this particular painting I did not change the color set. I just used the hue/sat to make the colors richer.

Since this was my first try, I did not have any inspiration other than pure experimentation and fun.




Never give up on a painting. Here is my progress:


I am so happy I was able to fix her face! I Almost tossed this one away and started another one. I remember Suzi Blu once said not to ever give up on a painting and I have always followed her advice; but I have to tell you that I got discouraged and felt I didn’t have it on me. Today I decided to try again and to my surprise I was able to  fix it to a point in which I’m happy with the result. Now I can really finish it and start my next girl. I will post the finish work when I’m done. Hopefully by this week.


I leave you with one of my favorite bands and song uploaded from Youtube. The Smiths, “Some girls are bigger than others”




It is my!

I would say my age with pride

but people put you in a box

and judge you after that.

I’m not a number! I’m not an expectation!

but people just don’t understand;

so I refuse to tell my or how old I really am.

I would say “the heck with people and conformities!”

but I’m not at all like that,

So this day… my special day

like so many yesterdays will just slip away

and only those of tangible proximity

will call, text, or mention it

Happy to you!

indeed I will reply,

Happy to me!

-Copyrighted by Maribell Ramirez-

Jan 11/15

20150111_211802_fotorThis winter break my niece and I read the Scarlet Letter. I am into literature these days. So now that we finished the book, I want to paint Hester Prynne and take pictures as I progress. This is actually my second sketch.  The first is bigger  with some deviations in the letter and the face. The substrate I am going to use is 14 by 11 and I want to leave margin around. That’s why I made a second attempt for a smaller sketch. I also decided to paint baby Pearl because of what she represents in the story. She is a fundamental symbol and character. So, in that regard, I resolved to include her in my portrait.




This is my work in progress. I transferred my sketch (pic above) to tracing paper and then to blank paper (the one under) I started to color the face with Prismacolors. I will continue to build up the face before I glue it to my substrate. This technique I learned with Suzi Blu. Will keep updates of my progress.


Jan 21/15

I made a big mess of my painting that was looking so good. I went from this:


To this:



Well, I can’t beat myself more than I already have. To make a long story short I have a problem with shading. I always feel I don’t shade enough, so even though I liked the color of her skin (she is very pale,) I needed to have some kind of punch and this is where all started to go south. I tried too hard to shade further her face and I am not sure if it was the brushes that I have, which are not the greatest quality, or some of my skin color paints are not what I should use. I don’t know but my brush strokes were showing. It wasn’t looking smooth and flawless. So I kept “fixing it” to no avail. Finally, I painted the whole face with white and put transparent gesso on top. I let my mind rest from it for a few days and picked it up again. But I am not happy how is turning, so I will have to keep trying. I will post more pics as I go. I might start a new painting if this one  doesn’t work. I have spent too much time and energy and that’s why I don’t want to give up.

The frame also gave me problems as I wanted to resemble wood (from the prison portal in the book.) The door is very significant in the story. But I am not so worry about that as my painting is really not close to be finished.

So, this teaches me a lesson: I will not skimp in good quality brushes, at least the basic ones. Same for paint. I try my best to buy quality products but my budget sometimes can’t stretch that much and I have to admit that I have been frugal with my brushes. Well, probably an experienced artist would work out with any paint just fine but I think I need to keep practicing more. Uff! there is a lot of room to improve. hahaha.



Here is the final Hester. See my blog dated 2/04/15








Well, it’s now 2015. A new year. New goals? How about just a better me? That takes the pressure off a little bit. I started “an only pen” sketch journal in November. I am not erasing or changing anything because it is with pen. This helps my drawing skills a lot and I really enjoy it. I try to draw every day but it is not always feasible, sometimes I draw twice a day, so whenever I can, I do it. Below I have a few of these sketches.

One thing I started to do different this year is my devotional. I am reading “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. I highly recommend this devotional. It goes to your heart like a dagger. Powerful! So far I know I am working in a few areas that need improvement. Like I said in the beginning of this post “a better me.” But compare to whom? Myself, of course! The me of yesterday. I have gone through a lot these last 4 years, but I always have more and more “dirty laundry” to clean in me. And that is precisely what I intend to do. Forgetting the past and focusing in the present. Of course this has nothing to do with my brother. He is always here with me, in my mind. This has to do with everything and everyone else that I have allowed to block my view, whatever that is.

Happy New Year to you! Let see what’s in store for us this 2015. Cheers!

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2015-01-04 09.50.13
2015-01-04 09.56.37