Monthly Archives: March 2015

My 30 day challenge keeps going. This week I want to make something humorous. Here is my first one. I have included a little “word game” caption.


March 29_#21

myperrogatoMixed Media on Hard Canvas

My blessing today is for comfortable shoes. They keep me going!

March 29_#22


Dry Acrylic Paint on Hard Canvas

I was blessed today for the 2 hot air balloons I saw this morning. They beautified the sky and made me smile.

March 30_#23


Acrylic and Acrylic Ink on Hard Canvas

My blessing today is for quality coaches. They are a light in the dark.

March 31_#24


Acrylic and Pen on Hard Canvas

My blessing today is for my wonderful eyes. I need my eyes for most things I love in life.

April 1_#25


Acrylic Paint and Inks on Hard Canvas

My blessing today is for the power of our choices. They make our lives. (good or bad)

Tomorrow I start my last category. Five more days and I’ll be done with my challenge.

How is my 30 day challenge going? hmm… at times I have done my work hastily. That is the part I don’t like. I rather not put crapy work but it is a challenge and I am trying my best, but a few times it has been really difficult. I knew I wasn’t going to do my upmost work just because of time restrictions. Most of the work I have done I consider sketches. The ones that turned out to be really good is because I took my time.

The next 5 days will be the outdoors. Here I have done this one based on a Van Gogh  painting. I’m half way through this challenge.

March 21_#16



My blessing today is for color. It enlivens the world.

March 22_#17


Watercolor Pencils on Watercolor Paper

Based on Mark Briscoe’s Work

My blessing today is for the house I live in. I wish I had another room but for now this is where I am. I have a great view from my window, and that is very important to me.

March 25_#18


Acrylic on Watercolor

My blessing today is for Fotor, a program that allows me to put beautiful frames around my pics.

Note: I broke my 30 day challenge. Two days I did not post. I was finishing a project and I was too tired. I had a painting the 23rd but it was so ugly I made an exception and did not post it. Excuses? Well, it is the truth. But I am back and will try my best to finish the challenge.

March 26_#19


Acrylic and gelato on watercolor

“Today my blessing is rain. It keeps Earth cool and beautiful”

note: landscape is not my forte but I give myself permission to try new things and to love  and learn from them.

March 27_#20


Acrylic on Watercolor and Photoshop

My blessing today is for sleep. I need to sleep badly now. 🙂

Tomorrow I start a new category. This one by far has been the most challenging. I definitely will comeback to this because my landscapes need a lot of improvement.

Today I start a new category. This is about objects that represent something to me. Here is the first one of five.

March 16_#11


Acrylic and pencil on watercolor paper

This Virgin has been in the family for more than 70 years. My grandmother gave it to my mom and she gave it to me. It is very special and dear to my heart.

“My blessing today is for electricity. It makes a lot of things possible.”

March 17_#12


Acrylic Inks on Watercolor Paper

This candelabro I found in a thrift store. It is from Barcelona, Spain. I love the line quality and rustic, vintage look”

“My blessing today is my car. It is old but in great condition and paid off!”

March 18_#13


Acrylic Inks on Watercolor Paper

This is a bottle I bought when I was in my 20’s. I still have it.

My blessing today is “water”. Without it life is not possible

March 19_#14

deardeer_FotorAcrylic and Pan Pastels on Watercolor Paper

I made a sculpture of a deer with paper mache and I covered it with fabric. It is extremely significant and dear to me.

My blessing today is for “resting days”

March 20_#15


Watercolor and Acrylic Inks on Watercolor Paper

This sketch is based on a set of 3 ballerinas that have been in the family since we came to this country. I wish I had done a better job but I had to rush on this one.

My blessing today is for peanut butter and chocolate. All in small quantities (of course.)

Ok. Here is my second set of paintings and a daily blessing. Today is day 6, I’m starting with “animals.” I will post every day a painting of a pet or an animal for 5 days. Here is the first one.

March 11_#6

seb_FotorAcrylic on Unstretched Canvas

His name is Sebastian. Very joyful and very loved by his family.

“I am thankful for the blessing of technology; it brings the world together.”

March 12_#7


 Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

This is Nino. Always sniffing around, always so happy to see us.

“Today I am thankful for the dogs in our lives. They teach us loyalty and constant love”

March 13_#8


Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

This is Chico. The best quality of Chico is his tenderness.

“My blessing today is the sun” We are very good friends!

March 14_#9


Mixed Media on Canvas

“I’m thankful today for Spring time. It brings green clad trees, colorful flowers, and singing birds.”

March 15_#10

butterAcrylic Inks on Watercolor paper

“I am thankful today for the good and honest doctors in the world. They make a difference.”

I had the opportunity to hear a webinar with Cory Huff  from The Abundant Artist and Crystal Moody (A Year of Creative Habits,) and I have decided to take the challenge to paint one painting a day for 30 days. These paintings don’t have to be all “ready to display” but they need to be finished. I will mix sketches, art journal, and paintings on wood, canvas, and other substrates. I am beginning today March 6 and will be doing it until April 5. Total of 30. I will also share a blessing right under each picture. I will try my best to finish the challenge. My first 5 days are portraits and I will share the 5 in that category in this blog. Here is the first one.


March 6_#1


 Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper. Art Journal.

“I am blessed to have a job that I enjoy and that it’s close to my home.”

But I want to do art for a living some day, even though I’m not there yet. 

March 7_#2


Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper. Art Journal.

“I am thankful today for my health, I realize it is a gift from God”

March 8_#3


Acrylic on canvas 7.5×12

“I’m thankful for the blessing of my family”

I miss my brother and father a lot but I know one day I will see them again.

March 9_#4


Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

“I’m thankful today for the music I enjoy”

March 10_#5


Mixed Media on Wood

“I am thankful for the food God provides us with every day”

Tomorrow I start a new category. It will be animals and I will post in another blog.