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Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter. Mixed Media on Wood.

Gimme Shelter. Mixed Media on Wood.

Sometimes it is human to find ourselves in situations that make us feel vulnerable. Home is supposedly a place of love, of union, of equilibrium; but what happens when this safe place is threaten or broken? We have a house or a structure but it is not a home anymore.

My painting “Gimme Shelter” is in response to that feeling. Yes, we have a place to sleep, to guard ourselves from the weather, from strangers but it can also be a very lonely and cold place, it can feel painfully empty and disconnected from our DNA for many reasons: domestic violence, a lackluster relationship, addiction, fights, it may be communication breakdown, routine, nothing exciting waiting for us when we turn the key on that knob. Who knows what else! But….we want to be sheltered. Don’t we? A physical structure can’t offer that. Not for our souls. That can only be obtained with LOVE. That is what will give us shelter. If LOVE is not flowing free we feel vulnerable, ostracized, dejected.

Right now I am blessed to feel sheltered, but It wasn’t always like that. I’ve felt many times homeless in my house. But it has been transitory, situations that I created from my lack of self-love and aimless goals. Now I’m steadily growing, I am maturing, and I’m loving myself more. I am grateful but I know that I am also vulnerable, still at risk because things can change for anybody at any time but for as long as I can, I want to be sheltered, not only by those I love but by me because only then I’ll be able to give it back in its entirety.

The painting above represents a weary soul in the form of a woman. She is clearly in distress. We don’t know if she is inside or outside. The white gives a sense of snow but also of white empty walls. All we know is that she is lonely, cold, and suffering. The look-alike window and door are colorful probably b/c outside is sunny but it is a world far-reaching and more abstract than tangible.  The eye is the observer that perhaps knows what she feels but can’t do much about it possibly because, in a way, this observer also feels the same.

I just finished a work titled “The Cinder Eye” and here I show the steps of my work.

I did not start with any topic in mind. The painting started to show as I put layers of paint and gesso. Below is step one.


I decided to use an old painting that went wrong as my substrate. I cover with gesso and add some paint.



Step 2. I randomly spread the paint and add more gesso. I use different techniques to spread the paint such as water spray and a cc. If you look at the white gesso area there seems to be a female face in profile. This is where my painting starts to take form.



There she is, I outline and correct the silhouette. I also see a hand and 2 glasses. I am beginning to love it. She just showed up! About the topic, I have a few ideas at this point.


AB4Look how far I’ve come! She is definitely a cool girl. I’m thinking of a girl in a Parisian Cafe.


Here she is. My final painting, and her story follows:

The Cinder Eye

My girl is a stage actress.Her avant-garde look  and the little stage with the red curtains on the lower left corner tie who she is with what she does.  The scene happens in the outdoors. This is very important because the outdoors represent freedom. But she is in a state of restrain! Hence, the blue block, the armless torso, and the sudden arm offering another drink. The drinks represent oppression and denial. She knows she has to overcome the blocks that are keeping her back but she prefers to avoid them and take complacency in the mundane. Her eye is also painted in front view instead of profile and she is looking away as she chooses not to face reality. The little window in the blue wall is a reminder that there is a way to light, to hope, to freedom. There is a way out! She just have to start looking for it. The Cinder Eye is all about being blocked.

Revelation 21:4
“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”


Christ the KING

Mixed Media and Encaustic Technique

Easter has become my holiday of preference because of its significance. As a Christian I have the hope that one day I will be with HIM and with my loved ones, the believers in Christ. One day I will see my brother! Because of HIM I can faithfully say “The Best is Yet to Come.”

Video uploade from Youtube

“Alleluia” by Tajci

In these last 5 days I want to do a study of color relation and how our sight is affected by contrasting colors when one is against the other.

April 2_#26

color study


Top one I did with acrylic. The problem is that I don’t have a true red. Mine is a light red. So on that one I think the green is moving forward, but in the one I did in Photoshop (bottom,) I can clearly see the red moving forward. So I am going with Photoshop and conclude that a lighter color against a dark will make it come out. I will make a painting  tomorrow based on these findings.

My blessing today is for books.Good books. They take us places we never dreamed of and teach us about anything. Love thy books.

April 3_#27


 WaterSoluble Oil Painting on Watercolor Paper

This is my study of contrasting color. In which room do you want to be? Personally, I think I rather be in the green room. I can definitely see the red color pops up more than the green.

My blessing today is for teachers, especially, art teachers.

April 4_#28



Top Image Acrylic on Watercolor Paper, Bottom in Photoshop

This is a continuation on study of color. Orange and its complement blue. I will have painting tomorrow using both colors to see their relation.

My blessing today is for flowers. Real ones! They make the world beautiful.

 April 6_#29

orangebluAcrylic on Watercolor Paper

Continuation from my color observations when they are complementary.

My blessing today is for words that uplift the spirit.

Yesterday I did not post a daily painting. It was Easter, but I posted a painting I did or Jesus in encaustic method. Tomorrow is the last day of my (Broke twice) challenge. I did not follow through 3 times but I hope to finish.

April 7_#30

salaAcrylic and Color Pencil on Watercolor Paper

My blessing today is for my Faith. Without it I would be a  mess.

Today is the culmination of my 30 day challenge. The good:

1. I was forced to paint everyday.

2. I was committed to finish my challenge.

3. I was able to think of a daily blessing.

The not so good:

1. I wanted to quit doing it, especially, when no one is looking.

2. It was a long challenge.

3. It kept me away from other works that needed more attention.

Overall, I would like to do a similar challenge once I have a better grasp of my skills. I know I missed 3 days but I finish the challenge. 30 paintings in 33 days. Not bad. I am glad I finished.