Monthly Archives: July 2015

Growing Pains

This week is all about growing pains. Yes! learning to hone your skills is not an easy task. It takes dedication and lots of time. I can only do my best considering that this is not the only thing I do during my waking hours, but is the one I enjoy most. I’ve been wanting for sometime to paint a little less stylized and add more realistic features to my style. Well, it has been very challenging and daunting. I really need to practice more and more. As always my weakest area is shading. This is usually when things start going south. This time was not an exception. I was mortified with the way I was ruining my beautiful drawing. Below are the pictures. After many hours and lots of gesso I was forced to re-draw the eyes and nose. I managed to fix it. It is not finished yet but that’s how far I am now. I will post a pic once I finish.



Original drawing. At this point all is good.

20150720_194737Ouch!!!!! This hurts. It takes guts to put your bad work on-line. But I just do it to show how I was able to fix it. Probably for an experienced artist the approach would be different. But remember that I’m in the growing stage.

20150720_215228Yes. That’s what I ended up doing. I wasn’t giving up on my painting though.


Retracing and correcting mistakes. This puppy can be fixed.

20150721_193820Much better, don’t you think? Still a lot to do. Here, I’m having difficulty with covering the gesso.


Much better with covering the gesso. Now I can step back and analyze what else is not working. I have a feeling it is the eyes. Be that as it may, I am continuing and will post my finished painting at a later date.

Happy Independence Day!

Today is July 4. Independence Day. And what an occasion to thank God for our liberty and  the ability to have independence as individuals. I know there are times when we need to compromise and meet someone in the middle but hopefully this someone is a person we choose to have in our lives. I am especially thankful to have the freedom to do my art (good or bad) but mine, only mine, to share it with the world. I am choosing these pictures to help me reflect on this.  One is the beautiful US Flag to which I pledge and the other is one of myself at the beach feeling the ocean on my skin and thinking what a privilege it is to have the water flowing on my feet because in that precise moment that water is connecting me to the world, the whole wide world! So today I salute liberty and independence and realize how fortunate I am to write this blog and put it out there just because I have the freedom to do so.



My US Flag

The contact of the ocean on my feet connects me to the world.