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Faith instead of Fear

This post applies to us. Fear is a common visitor, isn’t it? But I think fear can be a good company as long as we are in control. Fear can show us what’s bothering us, what keep us up at night and from that reference we can find solutions and develop the necessary faith to know that we can work a way out of the situation if we act accordingly. Replace fear with faith.

I’m about to finish another chapter in my life and soon will start a new one.  Yes, it is nerve breaking but I deeply feel now it’s the time to do it. I feel excitement but also fear, it is like eating a sweet and sour candy. The combination is not bad unless I let fear take the front sit.  I’m going to have a lot of challenges, new problems to face, new places to go and people to meet. I can let fear take over and absorb me with doubt and negativity, but I decided to choose faith because by acting upon faith my approach to a challenge will be from that mindset and so will my results; but above all faith will always remind me to believe in myself, to persevere, and to know that I can become all that God created me for.


believe you can

I’m taking the plunge

newlife Finished work from my previous post

I woke up this morning around 3:43 a.m. I couldn’t sleep. My indecision have tortured me for sometime. It is now the second half of 2015. My life took a pivotal turn in Dec 2010 when I lost my beloved brother. I couldn’t function for 2 years but even though those 2 years were gushingly painful I had a substantial growth in my spiritual life. After those 2 years I found art and that was my second channel to find somehow meaning in my life. I also managed to get a job in and industry that I had no experience at all. I was fearful for many reasons but I took the job any way, and oh boy, oh boy, did that place help me or what! Working with children is a very rewarding experience. I think is the love they give you. Even if it’s momentary. But their love is honest, unconditional. The little children reminded me of my loving brother. The school system was exactly what I needed to help me heal. It was my therapy. It has been 2.5 years since then and I am so grateful for that. But now the nagging feeling I always had for most of my adult life has comeback and I feel it is time for me to let go of the children and move on. I really feel that in my gut. It’s scary but if I don’t do it now, when? The stars will never align and in the meantime I’m running out of the most precious commodity I have: time. This is the main reason I feel compelled to make this drastic decision. Do I have clarity on what I want to do? Sincerely, NO. But I have a few ideas and a strong desire to make it work. I also have the blessing to have my husband’s support. I hope the rest of my family will understand and my mom….well, she doesn’t need to know.  So today, August 11, I made the decision to resign from my job, but I won’t leave until a suitable replacement is in place. So help me oh God.