Monthly Archives: November 2015

This Week’s Challenge: 3 Paintings.








Having artists I can look up and be inspired by have been one of the best ways I have learned techniques and expanded my imagination, always with the purpose that in doing so, I will find my own signature and voice. Above are this week’s paintings. Two of them were inspired by one of those artists that I feel mesmerized when I study and learn about their respective art. The last painting may seem as it doesn’t fit with the others but it does. I used much of the same technique. My second painting was inspired by Lita Cabellut a great artist I admired a lot. My third one was inspired by Mindy Lighthipe and Orly Aviner whose art journaling pages are breath-taking.



Time For Another Challenge

In April of this year I did my first 30 day challenge. Even though I enjoyed it I also realized I aimed too high. So, this time I will be more conservative. My challenge is week by week. 7 day-challenge, 3 paints. This will give me more time to do a better job. I will do 3 paints this week and will post in my fb when I’m finish with each one, and here in my blog next Sunday.


My little painting is about the things I’ve pondered about and need to change or improve. The apples float because many of these things are still in progress but the apples too, remind me of my shortcomings. My girl, holding a book, looks rather pensive. A resemblance of my state of mind lately. Too many things and kind of stormy, which creates a certain tension. This is how I feel. I am beginning a new chapter in my life and I’m enjoying it but I also have to make it work and that has given me a bit of stress. The book is the education I’m getting as I do my work every day.