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Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Hi, since I’ve been working in this new endeavor I have found myself a little too stressed. I haven’t taken the time to paint and read and dream. I need to remind myself that I have to let go of the tension. I know I am making progress towards one of my goals but I am stumbling a bit with unforeseen situations. The learning curve is proving to be more challenging than anticipated. But yesterday I let go and took my brushes and supplies and started to go where the paint would lead me. Here is the result. The title is “Don’t take yourself too seriously” It is very fitting for the moment.

I will announce my goal once it takes flight, I’m still in the battle but not quitting.

not seriously copy




Dec 12, 2015



John 10:28

“I give him eternal life and he shall never perish. No one can snatch him out of my hand”

My dear Carlitos: I know this doesn’t look like you but I hope some day I can paint a realistic portrait of you. I miss you, I love you. Until we see each other again. Mi tesorito.