Monthly Archives: January 2016

January Girl


It is now Feb 2016. January is gone and this is the girl I painted for the month. One of my goals as the year rolls by is to be able to produce more and make enough paintings to design a calendar for 2017.

This painting was inspired by a movie I saw “Woman in Gold” for all the art lovers out there I recommend this movie. Of course the painting is in my style; I really love the golden paint I have. This was mainly in acrylic with collage. The head piece and blouse flower are remnants of dry paint. I love the popping effect.

I had 8 goals for January and I met 5. Could have done better. However, I reached major benchmarks last month. The most important one being my comeback to Ebay and my new project: Amazon. I will keep you updated with this. But one thing I have to say: it hasn’t been easy. However, the joy and satisfaction outweigh all the headaches. Learning is a blessing.

This month’s goals remain about the same. Another major painting, devotional time, exercise, read one book, launching of my second product in Amazon which is totally in line with art. Will announce it  when is tangible. 2016 seems a busy year for me. One day at a time.


My First Digital Collage

One of my favorite fashion designers/artist is Christian Lacroix. His collages have besotted me for a long time. I have searched for information on how he does his digital collages. I haven’t found anything. I just know they are breathtaking. So, I’ve been trying and found a few great techniques with Photoshop to help me break ground. I will keep experimenting, the possibilities are endless.

first collage copy





He didn’t want to FlyRedress_Fotor

This month I’ve been experimenting with digital art. There is countless ways to incorporate really cool effects into your work.