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familia copy_Fotor

This was done on rigid canvas with acrylics, color pencil, some collage, and water soluble oil pastel. It is very significant for me. First, the flower is in the shape of a cross. This represents my Christian faith. Second it has a  halo that signifies the holiness of the family. The petals of the flower are the number of immediate members of my family. We are 7. Two of them are in heaven and that is why 2 petals are detached from the flower. The stem has 12 leaves. Twelve are the members of our complete family counting significant ones and pets. Four are detached b/c 4 are in heaven (2 are pets but I hope to see them too in heaven) The leaves that are detached are pointing up and not down. This is done on purpose to symbolize my beliefs in heaven.

The girl’s flesh is very bright because she is very alive but her gaze is sad and her outfit dark and plain because she is missing the ones gone and the realization that her family won’t ever be complete in this life. Even though she is healthy she is sad to see her family shrink.

Both, the face and the flower are  without shadows to allow them to pop up and become the central focus of the painting.