Monthly Archives: April 2016

Going Local

I decided to add a new category to this blog: “Discovering Places” and it is all about discovering the unusual but super awesome places in my town or any place for that matter, the only requirement is that I be part of it.

Since these days I am all about good nutrition I have found this little gem in South Tampa. It is an organic farm call South Tampa Farm. It offers many organic and raw products such as milk, eggs, produce, etc. The one I purchased (and that’s how I discovered this place) is the raw honey.

I got this product b/c I wanted something natural to help with pollen allergies and have read that local raw honey is an excellent product to minimize seasonal allergies and it is also rich in protein.

But the best of it is the little stand. You park, check what’s  on the counter, take your pick, make a note of the item you want to purchase, and drop the cash in the box depositor.

I Paid $17 for a quart gallon of raw honey. I love this honey. It is very smooth and tasty. It has really helped me and my family with allergies. I will definitely continue buying there. It is  a great way to support local farmers and get quality products.


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