Monthly Archives: July 2016

Hello, June was a month with ups and downs. I run out of my first order of brushes and it was difficult to get back in track.  But all is smooth now and I hope it continues that way. It was definitely a learning experience. I managed to do 3 paintings which is  more than I was shooting for. I decided not to set a specific number of things to accomplish every month. As long as I do at least one painting, I’ll be reaching my artistic goal and I won’t feel stressed out about it.

This set of girls was an inspiration in Modigliani. I am trying a new acrylic paper and a new technique with blending colors that I’m not quite nailing down yet. My struggles are more obvious with the last girl. I almost tossed it because I overpainted and it was hard to work on it once the paint is down. Acrylic paints dry extremely fast. But I am happy with them. Practice, practice, practice.






modiglianigirl3 copy