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truefriendsWork above inspired by Suzi Blu

True Friends

I remember as a young girl in my beloved country Colombia a song by a Brazilian singer titled “Amigo” (Friend) and I recall how much I loved that song and even though I understood the lyrics they did not permeate my senses because of my young age and inexperience. Life had yet to show me many things.

Now, decades later, I get the significant and beautiful message. It is an ode to his dear friend. My favorite part in the song  says something like: in those difficult moments in life we look who can help us find a way out, and the unfailing faith and word of support you have always given me, reassures me that you’ve always be by my side. Probably my translation is not as poetic or as accurate as the song but I hope we get the idea and ponder on those words.

Do we have such a friend? Can we call him brother, a real friend? And…can we still play and dream like children even though we’re adults? Can we feel so comfortable with him at all times to be really us? For a Friend is the essential piece to our emotional, spiritual, and physical balance; the one who loves us unconditionally and who does not restrain to disagree with us.

And, at the same time, can we reciprocate? I guess for such a relationship to survive the answer MUST be YES! Are we all blessed with such a God given blessing? Nope. But I believe is possible to forge such a relationship. And when we do, we should joyfully shout in gratitude.


Making The Grade


This is my painting for July. I haven’t finished it but here it is. I am not in sync with my creative side. It has been like this for a while. I even mentioned it some other time in my blog. What’s bugging me? It saddens me to feel so stuck. I am considering reading “The Artist Way” again and do all the three months this time.

We are in August and…. well, I usually state my goals but I really don’t have any energy to set any for this month, not even one. Ugh! Probably I will. It is too hot in Tampa these days. Should I blame it on that? No. It is always hot in summer.