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The Five by Five 2016


It’s here again. One more year. The Five by Five event in Downtown Tampa. This is the picture I’m donating to the event.  The caption reads: “Winters won’t change but you can.”  I heard this from Jim Rohn and it resonates with me, especially, in my present conditions. But on the sunny side, spring comes after winter. So, I’m cheering up in this unexpected winter season! He has something to teach me and I know whatever that is it’ll make me stronger.

Update: I went to the event last Friday 10/21. I met some dear friends there and we had a blast. I don’t know if the buyer of my little picture will read this but “thank you” and I want to add something else to better appreciate the illustration above.

Since this is a winter (of the soul) theme I kept the background black and the dress blue which is a cool color, in this case, it parallels with winter. The red hair is in contrast with the black background and winter blue (since red is warm) to show tenacity and strength that only comes from inside of us. Her gaze is of awareness and attention. She refuses to feel defeated and decides to carve her best semblance to weather the season.

Here, some more pics from the night.  The gallery inside of Tampa Museum of Art. Outside the museum: the illuminated water fountains and palms against downtown skyscrapers, and one of the new sculptures added to the outside of the building.

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