Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Winding Road


I believe I’ll always be a learner of life. We all are even if we don’t consciously know it. Hopefully those lessons (some heartily sought and many unsolicited,) will make us better human beings. Hence, we’re always active in this non-stop school of life. Our actions are strongly connected and influenced in our beliefs and ethics even if we have to debate and wrestle with them daily. In my personal experience, my “way to heaven” has been a rocky road with many ups and down and turns and twists, but at the end of the day there’s little progress and that’s what I strive for.

My painting is a depiction of such. The colors used are contrasting to emphasize the earthly and heavenly, the easy and the difficult. The crooked ladder divides the plane between earthly and ethereal. This is my winded journey slowly going up because that’s my final destination. A home represents what’s dear to me and the flowers on the east, represent the life I’m struggling to obtain.

I will make it eventually when my time is up and God takes me to his everlasting rest.



What is Loved is Never Lost

I wanted to upload this in December but I needed to work on a few details. This painting is in memory of my beloved brother. I’ve been inspired by Chagall’s works since last year and his floating images gave me inspiration to create the theme.  The painting is filled with symbols that speak to me. The horse was my brother’s favorite animal. This, in particular, is Darsio who was the horse of an artist in Oregon. She let me use an image of her horse in one occasion to write about my grief.  The three angels  are my mom’s, my sister’s, and my guardian angels. They inhabit the heavens and are in proximity to my brother in a playful way and they remind me that he is not far from us. No worries, no strife of any type. He is happy, safe, loved, and totally healthy! And the best of all? We’ll be reunited  one blessed day! This is the hope I always  hold on to.

This painting is also the first I’ve done using water soluble oil paints. I really liked working with them, especially because they don’t dry fast and I was able to fix and enhance here and there.  I will definitely continue to paint with this medium.