My story: In December 2010 my beloved brother, who was born with mental retardation, passed away. This tragic event changed my life… forever.

I had two choices: reject God or run to Him. I chose the latter. I have learned many things from this traumatic experience but I would have not made it without Jesus in my life. I prayed earnestly to find something to assuage my pain because I had no more desire to live. Well, I found mixed media on a humid, hot June afternoon in 2012. I also found a great teacher, Suzi Blu, whose workshops and videos helped me find petals of inspiration and learned valuable techniques.

My vision as an artist is to connect with people through my art, to find a common ground where you and I speak the same language without uttering words. To make my story and your story memorable.

I am living now my second life. Everything I do is in memory of my precious brother with whom I will be reunited one promised day.


*You can contact me here.