Election 2016 in a Sketch


Divided                       We                       Are

My sketch above was made in color pencil. Simple, fast, and to the point. It depicts the controversial issues I’ve heard about the election. In all honesty I have not spent much time watching any of the campaigns, but you can’t scape the headlines and jokes. I picked a woman’s torso to represent what, in my opinion, are arguable issues surrounding the elections: sexual harassment and email scandals.  My sketch has no face, no complete limbs to stress a female torso area which wears a bikini with the top being a torn American Flag. It emphasize division, rupture and the reality that underlies our society. We are divided in many ways and for as long as U.S.A has been a country. In her belly she has a tattooed email to represent Hillary’s infamous and questionable email scandal.

Divided         We        Are


United We Must Stand (that is, if we want to survive)