Do More of What You Like

Today is Halloween. The holiday season is here and with it comes my uneasiness and anxiety.  But two more months and it will be over. In the mean time, I have planned my strategy for these two months. I’ll be learning about music and read a good book. I’m following the lectures on these subjects with Yale University. Free on YouTube. What else can I ask for!








The Five by Five 2016


It’s here again. One more year. The Five by Five event in Downtown Tampa. This is the picture I’m donating to the event.  The caption reads: “Winters won’t change but you can.”  I heard this from Jim Rohn and it resonates with me, especially, in my present conditions. But on the sunny side, spring comes after winter. So, I’m cheering up in this unexpected winter season! He has something to teach me and I know whatever that is it’ll make me stronger.

Update: I went to the event last Friday 10/21. I met some dear friends there and we had a blast. I don’t know if the buyer of my little picture will read this but “thank you” and I want to add something else to better appreciate the illustration above.

Since this is a winter (of the soul) theme I kept the background black and the dress blue which is a cool color, in this case, it parallels with winter. The red hair is in contrast with the black background and winter blue (since red is warm) to show tenacity and strength that only comes from inside of us. Her gaze is of awareness and attention. She refuses to feel defeated and decides to carve her best semblance to weather the season.

Here, some more pics from the night.  The gallery inside of Tampa Museum of Art. Outside the museum: the illuminated water fountains and palms against downtown skyscrapers, and one of the new sculptures added to the outside of the building.

20161021_205033 20161021_215621 20161021_220725-2

truefriendsWork above inspired by Suzi Blu

True Friends

I remember as a young girl in my beloved country Colombia a song by a Brazilian singer titled “Amigo” (Friend) and I recall how much I loved that song and even though I understood the lyrics they did not permeate my senses because of my young age and inexperience. Life had yet to show me many things.

Now, decades later, I get the significant and beautiful message. It is an ode to his dear friend. My favorite part in the song  says something like: in those difficult moments in life we look who can help us find a way out, and the unfailing faith and word of support you have always given me, reassures me that you’ve always be by my side. Probably my translation is not as poetic or as accurate as the song but I hope we get the idea and ponder on those words.

Do we have such a friend? Can we call him brother, a real friend? And…can we still play and dream like children even though we’re adults? Can we feel so comfortable with him at all times to be really us? For a Friend is the essential piece to our emotional, spiritual, and physical balance; the one who loves us unconditionally and who does not restrain to disagree with us.

And, at the same time, can we reciprocate? I guess for such a relationship to survive the answer MUST be YES! Are we all blessed with such a God given blessing? Nope. But I believe is possible to forge such a relationship. And when we do, we should joyfully shout in gratitude.


Making The Grade


This is my painting for July. I haven’t finished it but here it is. I am not in sync with my creative side. It has been like this for a while. I even mentioned it some other time in my blog. What’s bugging me? It saddens me to feel so stuck. I am considering reading “The Artist Way” again and do all the three months this time.

We are in August and…. well, I usually state my goals but I really don’t have any energy to set any for this month, not even one. Ugh! Probably I will. It is too hot in Tampa these days. Should I blame it on that? No. It is always hot in summer.



Hello, June was a month with ups and downs. I run out of my first order of brushes and it was difficult to get back in track.  But all is smooth now and I hope it continues that way. It was definitely a learning experience. I managed to do 3 paintings which is  more than I was shooting for. I decided not to set a specific number of things to accomplish every month. As long as I do at least one painting, I’ll be reaching my artistic goal and I won’t feel stressed out about it.

This set of girls was an inspiration in Modigliani. I am trying a new acrylic paper and a new technique with blending colors that I’m not quite nailing down yet. My struggles are more obvious with the last girl. I almost tossed it because I overpainted and it was hard to work on it once the paint is down. Acrylic paints dry extremely fast. But I am happy with them. Practice, practice, practice.






modiglianigirl3 copy



Oxford Exchange

Great little gem right across from University of Tampa in thriving downtown. This place is beautiful inside and very european looking. It is a renovated 1900’s 2 story building. The open floor plan houses a bookstore, retail, restaurant, coffee bar, and offices. The glass roof garden with its inspirational decor and charm gives way to a spacious dining room area. Lots of natural light and a great environment to enjoy with good company. I will not discuss the food much since it is too sophisticated for my palate. Oxford Exchange also serves breakfast which I still have to try. Anyway, this is a place I will definitely comeback to.


oxfordexchange 20160430_171132-2 20160430_171145 20160430_171238



It seems I’m taking a break from my art. In reality I’ve been so busy with my Amazon account and classes that I don’t have the inspiration to sit and create. I do miss it and hopefully this is temporary. Here are the works I did in March and April. Both acrylic on acrylic paper.



Gertrudis in the Waiting Room (inspired by Gaughin)


jarrayfloresStill Life (Inspired by Cezanne)


Going Local

I decided to add a new category to this blog: “Discovering Places” and it is all about discovering the unusual but super awesome places in my town or any place for that matter, the only requirement is that I be part of it.

Since these days I am all about good nutrition I have found this little gem in South Tampa. It is an organic farm call South Tampa Farm. It offers many organic and raw products such as milk, eggs, produce, etc. The one I purchased (and that’s how I discovered this place) is the raw honey.

I got this product b/c I wanted something natural to help with pollen allergies and have read that local raw honey is an excellent product to minimize seasonal allergies and it is also rich in protein.

But the best of it is the little stand. You park, check what’s  on the counter, take your pick, make a note of the item you want to purchase, and drop the cash in the box depositor.

I Paid $17 for a quart gallon of raw honey. I love this honey. It is very smooth and tasty. It has really helped me and my family with allergies. I will definitely continue buying there. It is  a great way to support local farmers and get quality products.


20160219_153812 20160219_153837